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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Week of 6/16 Update

This week was a very short week because I took some time off to go camping. I started the week off by putting the final touches on the aphid experiment. First I sealed the bags containing the plants that were…

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Scouting for Milkweed in Santa Barbara County

I was really glad to have a chance to visit several  field sites in Santa Barbara County recently!  I was lucky to joined on this trip by Francis Villablanca, a collaborator from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and three of…

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Week of 6/9 Update

This week began and ended with work in the greenhouse. At the beginning of the week I tossed some plants that were compromised by an accidental pesticide spraying this last March. I planted 400 milkweed in depots (200 of each…

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Lots going on at Bobcat in June

The milkweeds at Bobcat are full of life!  The A. fascicularis is fading: …but, the A. eriocarpa is flowering: There are lots of aphids: …which are exceting so much honeydew that the nearby rocks are glazed with the sweet substance:…

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Week of 6/2 Update

This week I finished monitoring the experimental plants from last month’s cohort. Louie has taken over monitoring this experiment. I entered all of the data pertinent to this experiment this week as I was catching up with some overdue data…

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Week of 5/26 Update

This week I continued monitoring the plants for monarchs. Unfortunately, there seem to be no living monarchs from last month’s cohort in the field. The lab monarchs are doing very well, however. Most of the lab monarchs have started to pupate….

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