Week of 6/2 Update

This week I finished monitoring the experimental plants from last month’s cohort. Louie has taken over monitoring this experiment. I entered all of the data pertinent to this experiment this week as I was catching up with some overdue data entry.

I picked up a wheelbarrow and some plastic scoops from Higby’s in Dixon and started to mulch around the plots at North Davis Creek. I’ve been scooping about 3.5 quarts of the walnut shell mulch around the perimeter of the coco fiber mats. So far I have mulched 399 out of 840 plots.

Out at North Davis Creek I checked each line for survival. Transects 1, 2, and 3 have 16, 27, and 10 dead plants so far. And nearly all of these deaths are within the same section. On all 3 transects, survival seems poorest in the section near F Street. It may be because this section is the least shaded. This section contains the fewest trees. Transect 1 has a long south facing slope that might help explain the poor survival here. Many of the plants are starting to dry out (pictures above). Watering will be moved forward slightly ahead of schedule.

I replanted 84 dead plants out at the Putah Creek site. While I was there I collected 10 gallons of soil. With this soil Louie will be setting up soil experiments in the greenhouse.

I took care of some tasks in the greenhouse this week. In order to make room for a new batch of 120 milkweeds I planted, I had to free up some room. There was an old experiment and several unneeded plants that needed to be cleared out.


Next Week’s Goals:

1. Water and Replant at North Davis Creek

2. Finish data entry

3. Monitor LTRAS and Putah Creek

4. Measure and record leaf area and mass from last month’s samples.

5. Finish spreading mulch at North Davis Creek.


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