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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Week of 7/21 Update

This week I finished numbering the irrigation tubes at North Davis Creek. This is a secondary backup numbering system for the plants at this site. The plots’ also have aluminum number tags and the numbered stickers on the plant protectors….

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Week of 7/14 Update

I started the week off by catching up on some data entry. I caught up with both the quantitative assessment data and the volunteer check data. With the help of a lab mate, I finished fertilizing and mulching line 1…

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Week of 7/7 Update

I started the week off by moving all of the aphid experiment plants from the outdoor bench into a greenhouse. I unbagged all of these plants the following morning so they could be sprayed with a soap/water mixture. This will…

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Week of 6/30 Update

This week I carried on with the quantitative assessments. I finished the quantitative assessments at all sites. As expected, LTRAS seems to be doing the best. With soil compaction being the biggest hurdle for the plants at this point, LTRAS…

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Week of 6/23 Update

This week I continued with the volunteer monarch survey. This was probably the least fruitful search for volunteer monarch eggs and caterpillars yet. It seems that the monarchs have, at least temporarily, slowed down. Next week I’ll see if this…

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