Week of 7/14 Update

I started the week off by catching up on some data entry. I caught up with both the quantitative assessment data and the volunteer check data.

With the help of a lab mate, I finished fertilizing and mulching line 1 at North Davis Creek. While working along the line we found 2 tears in the irrigation line. These seemed like the weed whacking around the line caused them. I repaired one of the leaks, but will need more supplies to fix the last leak.

During the volunteer check at LTRAS I found several leaks caused by the recent tilling around the plots. After fixing the leaks I ran the water for 7 hours as per usual.

I set up a new set of clones from Bobcat ranch. The last set of clones I set up died off due to an unexpected leak in the cloner. There ended up being more clones than there was space in the smaller cloner that was set up by the greenhouse staff. I had to set up the larger cloner to accommodate all the clones.

While in the greenhouse I spent a few hours trying to eliminate aphids from the aphid experiment plants. The aphid population in the greenhouse continues to grow, despite several attempts to knock them back. They were sprayed this week after I had my hand at aphid removal. They will be sprayed once more next week in continuing efforts to eliminate the aphids.

Since this is my second to last week, I also began writing up protocols for watering that can be passed on to my successor at some point.

Next Week:
1. Check on Clones
2. Do volunteer check and water
3. Repair NDC leak
4. Finish protocols
5. Finish numbering NDC irrigation tube.

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