Week of 7/7 Update

I started the week off by moving all of the aphid experiment plants from the outdoor bench into a greenhouse. I unbagged all of these plants the following morning so they could be sprayed with a soap/water mixture. This will kill off most of the aphids that have infested the experimental plants.

I continued with the volunteer survey at LTRAS. I tested the soil compaction meter while I was out there as well.

I made a trip to ACE hardware to pick up thread lock glue for the tip of the soil compaction meter. More importantly, the ACE trip resulted in the reconstruction of the hula ho that fell in battle to the weeds at LTRAS. I was unreasonable exited for hoeing, but I unfortunately had an accident this week that will prevent me from finishing the hoeing or collecting the soil compaction data.

I then made a trip out to Higby’s in Dixon to pick up a few bags of alfalfa pellets. The alfalfa pellets are going to be places under the coco mats at North Davis Creek. The water from the irrigation will break them up. This should help loosen up the soil and provide some extra nutrients for the stunted plants.

With the help of a lab mate, I finished fertilizing with the alfalfa pellets on lines 2 and 3. We used one small scoop that held about 80 grams of alfalfa for each plant. While I was at North Davis Creek I assured that the site was watered and the irrigation was intact.

I closed out the week by weighing out the latex samples that were collected the previous week.

Next week:
1. Finish fertilizing at North Davis Creek (line 1)
2. Finish mulching at North Davis Creek (line 1)
3. Finish entering quantitative assessment and volunteer check data
4. Continue watering and checking for volunteers

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