LTRAS East Irrigation

On Tuesday Jess and I returned to LTRAS East to refill the trenches with dirt and bury the irrigation array. Luckily we didn’t have to do this by hand. Two of the workers at LTRAS used a tractor with an attachment to push the dirt back into the trenches. It was much faster!


In order to get this done, Jess and I had to switch the pin flags and emitters on all the rows to the opposite side. It took two passes with the tractor along each row to fill in the trench.

A few of the emitters on the first row were accidentally buried, but we were able to locate and unbury them.


One section needed to be filled in by hand because an electrical cable near the road prevented the tractor from moving around it.


Filling in the trenches took about two hours. Now we can check another item off the list on our way to get LTRAS East up and running!

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