My first trip

Hi, my name is Scott Soderquist and I am a junior at Davis Senior High School. Last year I took environmental science and had Mr. Bastin as my teacher. The class was lively, entertaining and had relevant topics. This is the first time that ecology had excited me in school. I have taken a special interest in ecology since the first day I walked into that class and last year I took the AP Environmental science test. The MMMILC project interested me right away when I heard about it last year, but I did not have enough time to undergo the task. This year is a different story and I am thrilled to start this process. Milkweed 322 was interesting. At first, I thought that it was dead because it was covered by a dead plant, which could have possibly been a plant from a prior year. After closer examination, I soon realized that the green plant, and not the dead one, was milkweed 322. This milkweed has a total of 11 stems and had a very small leaf damage of approximately two percent. Overall, it was a successful first trip because I was presented with adversity and found a way to persevere through to a final solution.

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