First Field Trip

Hello, I’m Fiona O’Keeffe, and I’m a senior at Davis High School. As part of the MMMILC project, I’m excited to have the opportunity to participate in real research and to learn from scientists and university students. I hope to study environmental science or ecology next year, and I feel that this is a wonderful way to explore the possibility of pursuing a career in the field. Additionally, I enjoy running in the Ditch, the site of the milkweed project, and have worked on restoration projects there the past two summers as an intern for Putah Creek Council.

Today, after a bit of looking around, I located milkweed 322, where Emma, another participant, was also observing the plant. The plant had several long, dead stems with leaves attached, but there was also sturdy new growth. No protective sleeve was present. I was surprised to discover that the milkweed stems were much thicker and shorter than those we had seen in class. Today was a nice introduction to the field portion of the project, and I’m looking forward to beginning to collect and input data!

photo 3

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