First Voyage to the Ditch

Hello! My name is Emma Thomsen and I’m a junior at Davis Senior High School. I joined the internship program because it seemed like a unique opportunity to get credit for looking at plants every week. I drove to the ditch this morning. It took me a while to find an access gate and figure out where the plants were, but once I started following along the irrigation pipeline it was easy. Plant 322 had several dead stems and 11 live stems. The herbivore damage was minimal (two leaves that I found), so I estimated it at 2% leaf damage. I was surprised at how easy it was to find the plant and at how green the various other flora in the ditch was. As Professor Yang had warned, several dogs approached me during the 15 minutes I was in the area, including an oddly small Husky. I look forward ti visiting the ditch again to gather more data and meet dogs.

Above (left to right): A tree next to Plant 322 with reddish foliage and a view of the lush weeds of the ditch.

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