My First Trip

Hello, my name is Kyle Tran and I am currently a Junior attending Davis Senior High School. When I first heard that Mr. Bastin would be offering an internship of some sorts that dealt with research and data gathering, I was interested because it was something that I had never tried before. Experiencing these practices would allow me to gain knowledge about future careers. On March 20th, 2016 around 15:00, I found the specific milkweed 322 which resides in the ditch. This plant initially appeared to be damaged and old, with long, shriveled up stems. However, upon further examination, I was able to see the milkweed plant itself below the taller stems, seemingly blending in with the vegetation around it. Milkweed 322 itself was hardly damaged, and I estimated around 3% of the leaves had been damaged, possibly due to weather conditions or other natural occurrences. Excluding the dead stems, I was able to count 11 stems on this milkweed, each stem being around the same size. Overall, this was a good learning experience for the first examination, and I look forward to continuing with this internship.

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