Plant 322

Hey there! My name is Emily Talbert and I’m a junior at Davis Senior High School. I joined the MMILC Project because it seemed like a fun and interesting learning experience and an  internship during my high school years would be an impressive thing to put on my transcript and college applications.

I went on a trip to the East Coast during Spring Break so I had to complete the field work the Monday I got back, March 28th. I live right next to the ditch so it was pretty easy to get down there. I went down with my dog Lilly which was somewhat of a mistake because she ran all over the place. It was fairly difficult to figure out where the plants would be because there are two sides of the ditch. I eventually looked at the tips that were sent to me and figured it out pretty easily after that. I was surprised at what the plant looked like because there was a dead plant and the growing one beneath it. All in all, I had a fun experience and I am excited for this internship! IMG_8193.JPG IMG_8205.JPG


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