Week 1

This week I went down to the ditch with Kyle Tran and Scott Soderquist to find plants 421-452. We got down there around 4:10 PM on March 2nd and quickly found the milkweeds. However, we only measured 4 milkweeds because the rest had not emerged yet so everything went pretty fast. At the same time we were out there, Mr. Yang was out finding the plants and tagging them right before we would measure them. We did not find any eggs on the plants, but on the first plant we found a caterpillar. However, after closer examination, it turned out to not be a monarch caterpillar. Overall, it was a successful learning experience and we now have a better idea of what we’re supposed to do.IMG_8255.jpgIMG_8256.jpgIMG_8255.jpg

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