Week 2: Getting the Hang of It

Hello everyone! Week Two’s data collection went by much faster than Week One, mainly due to the addition of helpful blue flags by the location of each plant. I surveyed plants 452 to 483 with Sean Mahoney and Griffin Duisenberg. We went out to the ditch on Sunday morning, after a couple days of rain. Everything was damp, and all of our shoes were muddy by the end of our segment. On several milkweeds, we found not only eggs but caterpillars. All caterpillars were under 4mm and lacked distinct stripes, classifying them as first instar. The left picture below shows one on the underside of a leaf, along with a small hole it had chewed. Other bugs were abundant, including ladybug larvae and many oleander aphids. It was exciting to see the changes in the plants from last week and I look forward to seeing the caterpillars grow throughout these next few months.

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