Santa Barbara Sites 5/1/16

Hello! Ashley Fisher here with my first blog post for the Santa Barbara Sites! I’m excited to share some pictures and updates from our third trip of the season.  
This week down south, we collected data for the Upper Oso and both Red Rock sites. We also just had enough sunlight for Nikki to show Rachel and I the Nira and Davey Brown sites. Additionally, upon Dr. Villablanca’s request, we also collected all of the 5th instars we spotted.

All of the caterpillars we collected (five in total)  like this guy above, came from Upper Oso. This was the only location we found any 5th instars at this trip.

Along many first instars, we found a few other types of insects hanging out on the milkweed as well. This spider was definitely the biggest one I’ve seen so far!

At Lower Red Rock, I noticed this brown splotchy patter on the undersides of a few of the plants’ leaves. Thought it was worth noting.

The highlight of the day for me, came as we were leaving the LRR site. This female came and oviposited not one but TWO eggs after flitting around the grove for a minute or so (I saw her lay one Nikki saw her lay the other)

The drive back to the NIRA site was gorgeous!

Rachel avoiding Mosquitos, Fisherman style, because the her rainpants were the only pants she had in her car 🙂

Nikki Showing us the DB sites. As you can see they have been up for quite some time.
And we wrapped up the day with a sunset for the drive home!

Finally, I just want to recognize and give a huge thanks to Nikki for training Rachel and I. I know it’s a long drive from Palmdale and a big chunk of her weekend, but I truly appreciated having her there to show me the ropes. Thanks a million Nikki!

More posts to come soon,


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