Week 5 Recap: Big Cats

Here’s my new favorite quote, suggested from one of my former lab members: “Ninguém educa ninguém, ninguém educa a si mesmo, os homens se educam entre si, mediatizados pelo mundo.” – Paulo Freire

This week was good in the field, but Tab and I got knocked over by a fierce virus which left us both incapacitated for days. Thus, the late blog post – better late than never. Thanks to all of you for getting your data in pretty good shape – results are in!

The caterpillars are getting fewer, but bigger:


Seems like the spring pulse might be passing, though there is no shortage of milkweed. More than ever. So why are there fewer monarchs?

Here’s another interesting pattern I noticed:



Check out the larvae found column. What do you make of that? Any hypotheses? Could it really be that some people have found 30, while others have seen zero?




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