May 29

Today Alyssa, Fiona, and I monitored plants 358-388. We made the poor decision to go at 3:00, one of the hottest times. I made a poor decision and didn’t put on any sunscreen on. I collected data on these plants the first week and it was cool to see the large amount of growth in the plants. We each measured and recorded ten plants each, with the extra person helping determine the leaf damage and percent green. There were only a few non-emerged plants this time. 

I later got a text and went to help Michael with his assignments for the week, plants 326-357. This time I made sure to put on sunscreen and a hat! Michael brought the kit and we got started. There were a lot of huge plants, but we got it done quickly. After a long, hot 2 hours and 15 minutes in total in the field, I went home and hopped in my pool. 

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