5/1 and 5/29 Visits

We have managed to collect data from Opper Oso, Lower Red Rock, and Upper Red Rock consistently for the entire quarter! Here are some highlights from the last two trips.
At lower Red Rock during the 5/1 trip we found several interesting things. The first is this caterpillar I am not familiar that has wrapped himself up in the milkweed.

Secondly, I noticed a deformation on about three of the caterpillars. One end of their bodies seems dried up and dysfunctional, as you can see on these two caterpillars in the photos below.

Wrapping up at Lower Red Rock 5/1

The Upper Red Rock site is coming along nicely as well. As you can see, the grass surrounding the milkweed is beginning to dry up quite a bit.

I also took Dr.Villablanca’s advice and continued down the trail to look for more patches. I found roughly 15-20 more plants roughly 100 meters away.

Overall both of the trips were a success. Although on the 5/29 trip I made a terrible mistake. When switching cars the night before (so I could drive both volunteers) I forgot to put the clipboard in my truck!!!

This means no data sheets, calipers, or tape measure. But, instead of panicking due to my slip up, we stayed calm and figured it out.

We found a campground host who generously lent us a tape measure, clipboard and paper. I had a compass that had mm ticks on its side which we used to measure diameters. I also had a picture of the data sheets so we sat down and made our own. With the tape measure we made a second one out of paper and tape so we could still have two people collecting data at once. Crazy as it sounds, it worked. It just added about an hour and a half to our trip.

The entire time, both Kiana and Brandi were calm, helpful, and innovative when it came to figuring out what we needed to do to collect the data. And for that I am beyond greatful, and felt they deserved some of my extra time and effort. So I made them cookies as a thanks.

Here are some photos from 5/29

Numbering our paper tape measure #2

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