Week 13 Recap: Getting in the Groove

Data collection this week seemed to go remarkably well – the data were collected quickly and efficiently, and folks seemed pretty confident about the measurements they were taking. Amazingly, the entire data set for the week was collected in about 90 minutes. The data entry also went very smoothly – folks finished much faster than the previous week, and the data quality was much better as well. Part of this was due to the new Chromebooks we were using; a nice keyboard and screen makes a big difference. But I think most of it was just due to folks feeling pretty confident about what to do and how to do it.

Here is the data from Week 13:

week13 six panel

The pattern of the eggs and larvae looks somewhat similar to that observed in 2015, but not identical.


I wonder why the plants near Mockingbird and Waxwing tend to be the largest? I think it might reflect the availability of light. One of the REU students in my lab was taking some canopy photos to see how much the canopy cover varies across the transect, so perhaps we’ll have some data to think about this.


This table seems very encouraging – the patterns seem pretty consistent across the season so far. Nice work, everyone!

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