Dead Plants

The weather seemed pretty good it wasn’t that hot it was kind of a chill day but the sun was hot if your in a shade your safe but if u were not in the shade then it’s really bad for you. We all worked as a team and we did a pretty good of a job. We Started measuring the milkweed plants at 9:16 and ended at 10:00. We found some of the difference in these plants that they are kind of dying and are less milkweeds then on the other side. i think its because of the sun burning those plants. We didn’t found any of the monarch or any kind of insect on those plants and that is it.IMG_8008.JPGIMG_8010.JPG

One Comment on “Dead Plants

  1. I don’t think it was chilly because it was over 80 degrees outside. I also believe that the sun rays are burning the plants because the plants are getting more sun than water. I also measured many milkweeds and only came across 1 monarch Caterpillar with a 9.9 millimeter measurement. overall today was a great day for monitoring because we had the perfect weather and teamwork helped us to work it all out.

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