Started Short, Ended Strong!!

Today  we were out in the field of the milkweed program project and we were looking around at the plants we saw a lot of plants that were not emerged (NE) and others that were ok there were a lot of caterpillars and a few monarch eggs but most of all there were plants that were filled with aphids.

While i was walking around i was also taking pictures of things that i found interesting such as a monarch that was grappling onto a milkweed plant.

These are examples of my teammates and I working with the milkweed plants. we were looking for any other interesting things I may take pictures of but so far we only caught caterpillars.

Today was also a very hot day but we were hanging in there trying to to finish our work. After we finished our plants we moved on to help other members of the group we were a little short on people but we managed to to finish in this nice hot day:)

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