Hot Monitoring Day


On a afternoon on Monday August 15, 2016 the GEO students were out monitoring the milkweed plants. What we discovered is that the plants are getting more of a dark green color rather than a healthy green. Does this mean something? Not only that but the plants are slowly having more and more aphids. This week we discovered that there are way less caterpillars compared to a few weeks ago. Although the plants are getting taller and bigger, are the conditions of the plants getting worse? We saw a hatched chrysalis, so is this the answer to our question of having less caterpillars? During the monitoring we noticed that they’re now some dead butterfly wings laying on the ground by the plants. What can this be and what is causing this? The pods on the plants are opening more and more as the season goes by and as the plants grow. The umbels are withering while plenty are still not bloomed.


Today was a day of sweating buckets, but many questions are lingering in our minds. What can possibly happen next week as we monitor?

Until next time,

Paja and Francisco.


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