8/10-8/11 SB Trip

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Last week we finished up our first visits of August. Here is what we experienced and observed. Enjoy!

Our first day was spent at the Davy Brown and Nira Sites. To our excitement, the temperature stayed at a hospitable 80 degrees, making the work much easier and and pleasant for the four of us.  

Below is a photo of the beginning of the Davy Brown Road site.

It is becoming apparent that the season is starting to wind down for A. eriocarpa.  Almost all plants are showing as least some sign of senescence and no larva were found at any of the three sites. However a few eggs were found, and we actually observed a Monarch flitting around the Nira site, which is the site pictured below:

The second Day was dedicated to data collection at the Lower Red Rock sites. Andrew Carly and I blazed through the two sites and were walking back to the car by around 2pm.  Congruent with the DB and NIRA sites, we did not observe monarchs in their larval stages at Red Rock either. I also noticed the number of living stems on many of the larger plants seemed to have decreased as well. Both sites at this point have less than 100 plants currently.

Here is to another successful trip!

Until next time,


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