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Among today’s milkweed encounters, we saw some distinguishing features in our section. It appeared as though there were more plants that were “not emerged” as opposed to being lush and vibrant like the plants were during the beginning duration of summer. However, there were some plants that are still thriving in that section and are showing an abundance of caterpillars. One plant in particular sticks out, due to it showcasing eight monarch caterpillars. It is always remarkable when seeing the connection between two living organisms. Also today, we differentiated fallen leaves and eaten leaves . As a large group we discussed and observed a few milkweed. We looked at the petiole of an eaten leaf and the scar on the stem of a fallen leaf  and confirmed what type of data we would collect in those scenarios for leaf damage. Each field day, we continue to learn about interactions between monarchs and milkweed, which is pretty enjoyable.

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