Santa Barbara Milkweed: The Decline Continues

Hello and happy Thursday!
This blog post is yet another update on the decline of the Santa Barbara Milkweed Patches. Just as quickly as they emerged, plants are dying at similarly speedy rates.  

This past Sunday was the first time in a month I have been able to collect data at the Davy Brown and Nira sites. One month ago, the counts at Davy Brown Road, Davy Brown Trail, and Nira were 100, 65, and 55 plants respectively. This past weekend we counted 62 at DBR, 20 at DBT, and 28 at Nira. Those are pretty steep decline rates! 

The red rock sites mirror this trend as well. On September 8th, we counted 52 and 55 plants at the sites. When Brandi and I returned September 25th, we counted 27 and 29 plants. This weekend I expect to see fewer than twenty at both sites. 

Though temperatures are starting to decline as well, the air and the landscape are bone dry at this point in the season. Below are some photos of the sites from the past few trips.

Above: Emily and Kiana walking out to the Davy Brown Road site.

Below: Andrew taking measurements at the Nira site this past weekend.

Below: Photos from the last trip out to the Red Rock sites with Brandi. 

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