Journey to “The Ditch”

Hello everyone,

I’m Breana Lee and I am a junior at Davis Senior High. I play lacrosse and I love the outdoors, baking, and my dog Turbo! I’m interested in this project because I’ve always found butterflies fascinating and wanted some experience doing research. I am also excited about the time we will spend outdoors!

My journey to the ditch:

It was a hard and treacherous trek down to the dangerous ditch. The sun was shining high above my head as I scanned the area looking for the elusive milkweed plant. To my surprise, they were marked by a striking blue flag. Not only were they cleverly and conveniently visible from afar, they were also planted in the ground in frequent intervals. I was astonished by how close the plants were, as well as how many were planted. I proceeded to one of the nearby flags with caution, for I did not want to accidentally step on one of the precious milkweed plants, and looked for a tag that marked the monarch attractors. I finally pulled a tag up that was buried under some dirt and took a picture of the tag as well as a selfie with the blue flag pictured below. Overall, I’d say this was quite a successful journey to the infamous ditch.

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