My First Blog!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

My name is Camille Renaud and I am a senior Blue Devil at Davis High School. I am super excited to be doing my first of many blogs today to introduce myself and talk about my first journey to “The Ditch”. I play lacrosse and soccer which is where I get most of my energy out, but I also love to read, cook, and eat! I plan to study Environmental Science when I head to New York for college next year and I am looking forward to this internship to gain some research experience. I also can’t wait to be a part of this conservation project and spend some time outdoors with a non-sport related purpose!

My Journey to “The Ditch”

On my first visit to the North Davis “Ditch”, It only took a quick bike ride down F street to discover my first and forever loved milkweed plant #208! Finding the plants was easy thanks to the blue flags that were posted at every plant. It took me nine steps to go from one plant site to the next.

Something Fishy…

After I had found my plant and taken some nice selfies, I went to explore in the dried up river bed that is next to the milkweeds.To my surprise, I found multiple dead fish right there on the dry river bed! The fish were very pungent and looked fairly recent with not much decomposing flesh. Along with the fish, the plants in the river seemed to be quite abused by the water’s currents. The fish and plants must have been some of the victims of some possible recent flash flooding that came with the very wet winter we just had!

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