First Trip to The Ditch!

Happy Friday!

My name is Carolanne McLennan and I am a Junior at Davis Senior High School. I play and coach soccer, enjoy reading, and love spending time with my family and friends. I have always adored interacting with nature as well as animals since I was a little kid, which made me super excited to hear about this internship opportunity. IMG_4499IMG_4513

My Trip:

I drove over to Oriole Ave. after much debate with my mom over where I should park. I took a quick walk until I was able to slip through a hole in the fence and head down to the ditch. It took me a little bit to locate the plants at first, but after I realized each one of them was marked with a nice blue flag, everything became much easier. I located plant #395 and it took me about 8 steps in between to locate the next plant. As I was finishing up, I decided to locate the horrible smell coming from the dried up creek. I was shocked to find piles of dead fish along the creek, which was probably a result of the creek drying up quickly after the sudden rain we were showered with this past season.

Overall I had a great first trip to the site and I am very excited to start data collection for these next few months!

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