The Ditch

Hi everyone!

My name is Nick Preisler and I am currently a sophomore at Davis Senior High School. I enjoy spending time outdoors either playing sports or enjoying nature. I’m looking forward to this internship to gain experience and be a part of a project that interests me.

I left for the ditch late afternoon with my brother and two dogs, Stella and Kelsi. It was a short walk for us as we live only a block away. Upon arriving we quickly spotted a blue marker indicating a milkweed plant, plant #286. After taking pictures and visiting with other dogs passing by we walked along the trail. Enjoying the warm weather, Stella and Kelsi bounded up and down the path sniffing and smelling everything in sight. As we walked, I counted three dead fish along the trail, possibly from birds dropping them or maybe from when the ditch was flooded in the rain. After pulling my dogs away from the fish we eventually looped back and headed home. The trip was very fun, making me pay attention to the details I normally don’t when walking my dogs, and I’m looking forward to going out many more times in the coming months.

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