1st Milkweed Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Grahn and I am a senior at Davis Senior High School. I love all things outdoors as well as arts and crafts and reading! One of the main reasons I took Envi Sci was because I wanted to do an internship to get some experience under my belt. I am super excited to see the results of this project and I am grateful to be a part of it!

My trip to the “ditch”was interesting. I had trouble finding it because I don’t live in Davis so I brought my super direction savvy dad with me! When we got there a little dog was walking behind us with its owner while we were looking for plants and it was barking very loudly which was rather annoying so we let it pass us so we could observe in peace. Once the dog was gone we found the tags and snapped some pics and were on our merry way!

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