First trip to the ditch

Hello! My name is Sabina Padilla and I’m currently a senior at DHS. I’m in the symphonic and jazz band at school so I spend a lot of my time doing that, or at the UCD med center where I work. I’m excited to do this internship because this is great opportunity to learn how to do field work and get more experience working with insects and wildlife since I’m going to college to study zoology which is somewhat related.

My journey to the ditch was a little frustrating at first, I had brought my dog with me so I wouldn’t look awkward snooping around a ditch towards sunset but he instead refused to go down into the ditch at first . Once I got into the ditch I easily found the plants and the numbers and got the picture of the tag. However, I did not see the selfie requirement until a while later so I returned, but failed to realize as I got down there that my phone had died. So, all I have to offer is a picture of my dog a few minutes before my phone died.

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