Week 1 Milkweed Analyis

We went out to the ditch on April 7th to obtain our first Milkweed data set of the project. It it abundantly clear that this is still very early in the Milkweed growing cycle because more than three quarters of all the plants were yet to emerge or less than five centimeters. The several small plants that we did come across seemed to be in good condition and had a lush green color. A great deal of rain this week should provide optimal growing conditions for the plants in the future and our group members are excited to see how the plants progress. Due to the moisture on the ground, there were lots of small slugs and worms around each milkweed site. It was unclear whether the slugs were drawn specifically to the milkweed or were dispersed evenly in the grass. Overall it was a relatively uneventful first day in the field.

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