Stats from Week 1!

Week 1 for 2017 started on April 3, with many of the milkweeds still dormant or just starting to emerge. To be more precise, y’all recorded 267 of 317 milkweeds as ‘N.E’ – not emerged, and just 46 of 317 as ‘ALIVE’ – meaning that the were emerged for this year. There were also 4 plants recorded as DEAD – please check these carefully, since DEAD implies that this year’s growth has already senesced – I would guess these are maybe dead shoots from last year? If this year’s growth hasn’t emerged yet, these should be recorded as ‘N.E’.


Looks like the new plants were pretty green this week, and there weren’t many eggs or larvae observed. I was up at Stebbins Cold Canyon this week, and saw several eggs on the Asclepias cordifolia up there. That plant comes up much earlier than the Asclepias fascicularis that we are studying in town (and also senesces much earlier), but I think it is a good indication that the monarchs will be here soon (or are likely already in town), and will find our milkweeds when they come up.

Most groups didn’t find any larvae, but one group found 10 larvae on 25 plants! Another group found 2 larvae. Looks like folks spotted 10 eggs as well – that’s pretty cool. Remember, you do have to look very closely to see the eggs – you really have to get down close to the plant to inspect it.

I’m expecting the milkweeds to be growing fast over the next few weeks! Stay tuned.


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