Week Two Data Collection

unnamed.jpgThis week I was partnered up with Angela Luo and Kayla Nunes for data collection. We were assigned milkweeds 468 to 491. After meeting by plant 468, we traveled next to the path in tall grass looking for sprouted milkweeds. Unfortunately, the trip was mostly uneventful: we only found one milkweed plant that had at least one stem longer than 5 cm. However, that one plant was full of surprises. On it was a monarch butterfly larva in its second instar, an aphid, and even two insects mating (see pictures below)! The measurements took about a half hour to complete but the one big plant we measured took 9 minutes. I’m looking forward to being able to find bigger plants in the future and discovering many more interesting animals!unnamed (1).jpgunnamed (2).jpg

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