Week 2 Data

We observed all 318 milkweeds in Week 2, and found 65 (20.4%) of the plants emerged. That is up from 14.4% emerged in the previous week.


These are cool data and will help us understand the environmental cues that these plants use to determined when they emerge. That is an important part of understanding how their phenology (i.e., seasonal timing) is likely to shift with climate change.

There was one “ERROR” recorded. This status should only be used if there is something wrong with the plant that keeps you from observing it (e.g., the planting site is covered with a pile of mulch), and should be explained in the notes.

With 2 weeks of data, we can start to look at some seasonal patterns:


The plants are growing, the egg count is increasing, more larvae are being observed, and the caterpillars are getting longer. Spring!

We can also start to look at spatial patterns of milkweed growth and monarch density. It looks like the northern sections have the most milkweed, the largest milkweeds and the most monarchs.


Nice work out there! More data next week!

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