Week 6

This week, my group was in charge of the section of milkweed plants 370-393. I went down late Sunday afternoon, and it was just gorgeous. There was a little bit of water flowing in the creek, and a lot of water coming out of the pipes from the agrigultural fields. Due to the recent mowing of the plants, I discovered that many of the plants that had many stems (that were not mowed down) were protected by layers of overbrush and encircled by other plants that formed a protective barrier for the milkweed plants (as seen in photo 1). In total, there were 15 plants that were protected in some sort by the overbrush, and 8 that were out in the open and mowed down and starting to grow back. Some specific notes, plant 385 was difficult to find because it was under a big tree and many other plants. 375 was also hard to find because it was under other plants and there was no blue flag (as seen in photo 2). Lastly, there was a lot of trash (plastic cups and wrappers) around plants 380 and 381. 

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