A Dry Day in the Ditch

Once again it is Friday!

Today I ventured out into the field to check on how milkweed plants #345-369 were doing. I was surprised to discover that almost half of the plants still have not emerged, but luckily, I saw little to no damage from the lawnmower on any of the plants. Only 4 of the plants I observed had really grown while the rest appeared only to be just sprouting, just barely hitting 5cm.

As the temperature heats up, the conditions down in the ditch become more and more dry. Luckily, these milkweeds seem up for the challenge and continue to grow, even through the toughest conditions (like the beloved lawnmowers).

Unfortunately, no eggs nor monarchs were spotted on any plant this week in my group, but I have a good feeling about next week. 🙂

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