2nd Visit to SB County Milkweed Sites

On May 10, Carly and I went to the Los Padres Mountains for our second collection of the milkweed plants. This time we were able to find all the plants at Upper Oso, having a total of 16 plants.

We went to the Davy Brown sites, where Davy Brown Road had 100 plants, and Davy Brown Trail had a total 54 plants. We saw many eggs on these plants, but no caterpillars yet.

We made our first trip out to NIRA, where there were a few very small first instars on the plants. We got a total of 92 plants at this site. With the plants getting bigger and emerging, we will have to start splitting our trip down to SB in two in order to have time to gather all of the data.

We plan on visiting the Red Rock sites next time we make a trip to Upper Oso by bringing bikes and biking out a few miles to the sites from the river crossing where we park the car for Upper Oso.

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