5/24 Trip to Los Padres

On Wednesday, 5/24, Kiana and I borrowed a van and took a couple of bikes to Los Padres to reach the Upper and Lower Red Rock Sites, since the road is currently flooded and inaccessible by car. We biked for 4 miles until we arrived at the Red Rock parking lot and continued the rest of the journey on foot. The area was almost unrecognizable, as it was covered with new streams and swimming holes. We had to wade through a couple of streams in order to get to Upper Red Rock, and we almost couldn’t find Lower Red Rock! Both sites had over 100 plants, and Lower Red Rock had tons of breeding. We even observed an adult monarch laying eggs on a small milkweed plant. The biking trip was successful, but we are hoping that the road opens up next time.

One Comment on “5/24 Trip to Los Padres

  1. Great photos! It is cool to see the place this year, and great to hear that the breeding is underway. Hopefully, we can capture a good representation of what happens this year, since it seems really different than previous years.

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