First Day Experience as a Growing Green Intern

My day started out meeting new people, we played a game where we had the opportunity to get know each other’s names while throwing stuffed animals. It was pretty exiting. Then, we got to meet two important people at U.C Davis Tabatha and professor Yang . Professor Yang gave a presentation of what we will be doing in this program. Over all the day was fascinating. I am excited to be able to be part of a scientific study. After Lunch, We went to the Bohart Museum of Entomology where I seen a collection of butteries. At the museum, I was able to interact with an Australian Walking Stick.  When we got back from the museum we were given bee’s wax to make a model of the 5 stages of life of  monarch caterpillars. We got to make the smallest egg to a big slug looking caterpillar which we then got to observe others to see how they turned out.



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