Monitoring Day 1

This is the first day where my team and I collected data from our Milkweed plants (Julie, Alejandro and I ). The milkweeds are located on the North Davis Riparian Greenbelt and they are a part of a scientific study in which we examine the affects of climate change on the relationship between the monarch butterfly and milkweed plant.  As we gather data, we also note other kinds of insects near or on the plant. On milkweed #267, there were four Milkweed Leaf Beetles roaming on the plant. This is my second year in this internship and it caught me by surprise as they were not seen last year. I believe that they are growing in population in this ecosystem because they appear in more abundance this year than the last. My favorite feature from this insect is their green metallic exoskeleton which gives the appearance of a pill of emerald.

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