Week 11 Data Analysis: Growing Green hits the ground running

The DHS crew is a great job in the last week of the spring MMMILC Project just before graduation, and the Growing Green Internship hit the ground running in week 11 of the MMMILC Project, picking things up without a hitch. Cool data from weeks 1-11, and no sign of discontinuities between the DHS and GGI data:


Looks like there were 222 milkweeds alive in Week 11.


The plants continued to grow. Several eggs observed in week 10, not so many in week 11. A few larvae observed in both weeks, seemingly getting bigger.


Interestingly, it looks like the plants on the south end of the transect are starting to produce more monarchs than the plants on the north end – the opposite of the pattern that we saw earlier in the year.

In summary, it looks like summer is here, and things are going well!

Before we go, I encountered a few data entry errors this week. I was able to correct all of them. See of you can spot them. When I ran the script, it showed me that the dataset contained entries from a bunch of weeks that hadn’t happened yet. Most of these resulted from “dragging” errors, where someone tries to drag dates down, but Google Sheets mistakenly assumes you want a sequence of dates, like this:


The trick is to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+D (“Fill Down”) instead of dragging:


After I fixed this error, I still saw a few mistaken dates when I tried to run the analysis:

data entry error catch

Can you spot the errors below? This one explains why we had 344 observations from week 8:

data entry error catch 2

And this one is where there two entries from week 531 came from:

data entry error catch 3

Have a good week! This upcoming week is going to be very hot, and I wondering how the plants and caterpillars will react. Stay cool out there.



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