A Beautiful Day

Story by -Nayely Rios

Today’s weather was sunny and windy, the perfect weather for me. As my group and I analyzed our first Milkweed plant we noticed a gopher hole the size of a baseball, the milkweed was not effected by the gopher hole. It was the first time I had seen a gopher hole in the area, it was a shame their was no gopher inside. We also had the opportunity to see an open pod full of milkweed seeds. Inside the pod their were three Small Milkweed Bugs just laying around. It was interesting how the Milkweed Bugs could interact easily. As we reached the end of our assignment I noticed two dead Monarch butterflies laying on a dead patch of grass, I was cu-rouse to know if they had reached the end of their life stage or if they had died from a unnatural reason. So far, today went fairly well and I am hoping to learn more as I adjust myself in the program.

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