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Monthly Archives: August 2017

My First Blog

My name is Emi Eckey and I am in 3rd period Environmental Science with Mr. Bastin. I am a junior at Davis Senior High and love being involved in school activities. I decided to do the internship because I thought…

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First Trip to the Field Site

My name is Taylor Trinidad and today was the last day of internship training! It was super hot out in the field so thank you for the watermelon and popsicles. There seemed to be more milkweed bugs out today than…

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First Day

Today in the field we learned exactly how to collect data on the milkweed plants. It was quite hot, but very interesting. I’m excited to work with different people and notice the small things in the ditch that may go…

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Week 19: Data update!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a data update – in the meantime, I attended an ecology conference in Portland, Oregon, and saw several cool talks about phenology, milkweeds and monarchs. Seeing those talks always makes me more aware…

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