First Trip to the Ditch

I am a junior at Davis Senior High School and am excited to start my internship with the MMMILC Project! I am interested in science as a career path, and this will be a great start. I’m also hoping to learn more about wildlife in Davis through this project, and I look forward to watching the environment go through its yearly cycle through a closer lens this year.

My first journey to the ditch was very hot. I very quickly saw the first milkweed, and it was covered in blooms and insects! After seeing a few more milkweeds, I realized that the first one I had seen was one of the more living ones. It had the most stems, umbels, and insects of any other one I saw. This surprised me, as I would have expected the plants the be bigger than many of the ones we saw. As I become familiar with the Ditch, I am curious to see how big other milkweeds are in relation to the one I first encountered.

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