Blog on 8/31

Today was the first day for DSHS Environmental Science intern students to go out to the field for data analysis training. The temperature reached up to 100 degrees and the training was scheduled to be around 4:00-6:00 pm. Technically I was on time, I just couldn’t tell the difference between “Kestrel” and “Cassel”. Besides, our training demonstrators (Growing Green Team) didn’t arrive until like 4:30 so……….

Caralanne and Cristian from Growing Green briefly showed our group what a typical day in the field would be like. We saw a few caterpillars, and quite a few Milkweeds were found dead. Cristian said that they might remain this way for a period of time. After the training was done I stayed with the Growing Green team and helped out a little to record the rest of the data (I think it was Milkweeds #419-410). We found a dead adult Monarch, and apparently tool kit #8 was just lying on the ground with no one around it.

I end up going with the Growing Green team to Rite Aid & got some free ice creams. In short, the experience I had for today was quite pleasant.

My name is Joseph Hurr. I’m a senior in Davis High 3rd Period Environmental Science class. Looking forward to work with you all.



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