Week 2

IMG_2955.JPGAt the bright and early(ish) time of 10 o’clock this morning, Iason Pitsillides, Alexander “Faustino” Villarreal-Blozis, and I headed out to measure milkweeds 453 through 484.  Midway through, two older men on the bridge from Kestrel stopped to ask us some questions about the project.  When they asked about the “survival rate,” we thought he meant of the students, not of the plants, so they didn’t find our answer of “99%, with occasional disappearances,” as amusing as we did.  They also asked us if some of theFullSizeRender milkweed plants had been mowed down (yes, but not in our section) and whether we had found any monarchs (yes, a second instar and a fourth instar).

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