Week 24 Data Analysis

Another good week of data. See below:


I was able to resolve the date discrepancy from weeks 22 and 23, so the count of ALIVE milkweeds is closer to the expected pattern. There were 5 plants that were marked as ALIVE in Week 23 that were not marked as ALIVE in week 22, but that those numbers are reasonably close. However, it does look like there might be something odd going on with plants marked ERROR. Plants with an ERROR status should be exceedingly rare – typically 2 or less per week. For Week 24, there were 10(!). Please refer to your protocol for info about when to mark a plant as an ERROR. The status NE or DEAD should be much more common than ERROR.

Let’s take a closer look at the patterns so far this season:


Looks like plants are starting to senesce slowly, but we really aren’t seeing many eggs. Be sure to look for eggs out there! It can be hard when you are spending less than 2 minutes per plant, but be sure to spend at least some of that time looking for those amazing eggs – you are looking for opalescent barrel-shaped eggs laid singly.

I have been seeing a lot of blog posts with caterpillars (and cats), however.

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