About Us

Welcome to the Monitoring Milkweed-Monarch Interactions for Learning and Conservation (MMMILC) Project! The goal of the MMMILC Project is to better understand the ecology of milkweeds and monarch butterflies. We are particularly focused on understanding the role of seasonal timing (phenology) on the interactions between milkweeds and monarchs.

While this project is centered around milkweed-monarch interactions, we are really interested in all of the creatures that interact with milkweed. The ecological community of surrounding milkweeds includes lots of fascinating species interactions, and we are interested in understanding how those interactions are connected over time.

The MMMILC Project was started in 2013 by Louie H. Yang, an assistant professor and ecologist at the University of California at Davis. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation through 2018. We hope to be able to continue this work for a long time after that.

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